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The enterprise grade hiring management Platform for Businesses of all sizes that Delivers Effective, efficient and compliant hiring. 

Without the pain. 

Join the leading companies who have saved over 30,000 hours in hiring efficiency

Simplify has all the tools you need to compliantly attract, screen, evaluate and assess candidates quickly and painlessly. Speed up your hiring while improving your quality of hire and candidate experience with Simplify.

Recruitment Management

Visual Pipelines

Visual hiring pipelines give a quick overview of your hiring status. See the number of candidates at every stage for every job to focus your attention on where it is needed.

Candidate Timelines

Candidate timelines give a snapshot view of all interactions with prospective hires in one place so that the hiring team can get a holistic view of the hiring process.

Seamless Communication

Keep track of your current hiring status and plan your future hiring strategy. Uncover the bottlenecks in your process and make data-driven improvements optimise and improve your recruiting.

Candidate Profiles

We do all the heavy lifting for you from parsing CV data, to enriching with social profiles and creating automated summaries of candidates based on their resumes. All in one single view.

Scorecards and evaluations

Get actionable feedback from the hiring team on potential hires at any point of the hiring process. They’re automatically shared with the hiring team for complete transparency.

Programmatic advertising

Communicate directly with candidates from the platform. Keep a history of all interactions. Use built in email templates or add your own custom templates for a more personalised approach.

Expand your reach and attract more candidates


Built-in approval workflows
Hiring team management
Reusable job templates


Distribute jobs to job boards, your own custom career, referral and employee portals


Automated screening
In-app candidate comms
Interview / evaluation guides


Assessments & checks
Hiring approval workflows
BEE reporting

Automatically post to multiple free and premium job boards, job search engines and your social profiles with a single click.
Free Job Sites

Free job posting and advertising on multiple job sites

Premium Job Sites

Wide range of premium and specialist job boards

Social Recruitment

Social recruiting and Facebook Jobs tab

Custom Widgets & Feeds

Distribute your job to custom channels using RSS

Talent attraction could not be easier with Simplify.

We’ve integrated with the leading free-to-list and premium sources of quality candidates to supplement your recruitment marketing efforts. Best of all, all your applicants will benefit from the same streamlined Simplify candidate experience.

Talent CRM

Simplify is more than an ATS system.
Use Simplify to build and nurture relationships with candidates over time
Candidate Database

Build a candidate database, a complete record of everyone who has been sourced or applied

Personalised Comms

Engage with talent with personalised messages & notifications

Candidate Timelines

Keep a unified view of candidate history & engagement, including history of all interactions


Use tags and filters to segment your talent pool and proactively engage your desirable candidates

Automated Messaging

Use personalised automated messaging and triggers using configurable templates to do the heavy lifting for you

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Integrations & Partners
Use The Recruiting Tools That You Know And Love.

We’ve partnered with the leading HR and recruiting service providers so that you can manage your hiring better. Our marketplace includes background checks, video interview software, skills assessments and more.  

Our open API architecture gives you the freedom to integrate with your own internal systems or third party platforms.

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