Five benefits of an applicant tracking system

The recruitment process can be time-consuming and complicated, and a lot rides on you being able to make the right hire for your company. Thankfully applicant tracking systems (ATS) are simplifying the hiring process and making it a lot more efficient and effective.

Here are five solid reasons why you should be using an ATS:

Reduce the pressure on HR

An ATS will allow a recruiter to manage high volumes of applications by (among others) allowing them to quickly find the skills they’re looking for and send out bulk messaging to keep candidates informed. This means the HR team can do a lot more in less time, freeing them up to ensure they bring in a quality hire. ATSs are proving to be an essential tool for recruiters who manage job applications with large responses or who manage multiple recruits at one time.

Reduce the cost per hire

As an ATS automates much of the hiring process, it can radically reduce the cost per hire especially if you factor in recruiter commissions (an ATS makes working in-house a lot easier) as well as the time it takes for the new person to find their feet in their new position. The system will also empower recruiting decision-makers with data enabling them to make informed budget decisions such as for example eliminating underperforming job boards.

Improve the quality of hires

An ATS can improve the quality of your hiring pool significantly so that you engage with only the most suitable candidates. Plus, it improves the experience for the candidate. By speeding up the recruitment process recruiters are more likely to be able to secure the best person for the job, before they move on to a competitor.

Improve the candidate’s experience

Applying for a job is a stressful and time-consuming experience and applicants want to feel like they are valued. This is especially important when you are hiring in a highly competitive arena and need to pull the top talent. An ATS will automate a lot of the candidate’s initial experience which means regular updates and engagement.

Measure results and track what works and what doesn’t

A good ATS will have a top-notch reporting functionality, allowing recruiters to produce reports quickly and easily. The system will also track all of a candidate’s data which gives a recruiter vital insight into the candidate demographics, performance of recruitment marketing channels and the productivity of the recruiting team.

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