Simplify your recruiting with an applicant tracking system

Too many CVs and too little time to go through each and every one? Here’s why you need an applicant tracking system.

In a fast-paced world, one of the most important things managers and recruiters are keen for is the following: a hiring process that’s streamlined, quick and incredibly efficient.

Enter the Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Designed to help with managing and simplifying the recruitment process, an ATS is a computer-based system that not only helps to cut down on the recruitment time but organises and stores job and candidate-related data on a single platform.

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about whether or not you should switch from manual processes to automated tools that could cut down on the amount of admin that goes into hiring a potential candidate, here’s why you should consider using one:

1. The sorting and matching functionality ATS systems are what SEO is to Google: its algorithms can sort through and filter candidates according to certain keywords that are based on the requirements of the job description. What this means is that you’re more likely to get results that ensure you get the best and most qualified applicants.

It’s a time-saving mechanism that saves recruiters from having to deal with applications that don’t even have anything to do with the job description.

2. Information storage No more paperwork. Well, you won’t be doing as much paperwork with the help of an AT system at least.

And what’s more is that many of these systems retain the CVs so that those who didn’t get the job for one position could easily be considered for similar positions that may crop up in the future.

3. You can manage everything in one place From job listings across various platforms (with one click you can upload the listing to various job listing sites) to screening and scheduling interviews, many applicant tracking systems are programmed and automated in a way that groups everything into one place.

Optimising processes this way cuts down on labour time and saves on recruitment costs.

Another benefit of this is that it’s also collaborative in the sense that, much like a time management program, you can also share and assign pooled tasks and keep track of progress being made.

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4. It can also assist after the hiring process According to, some ATS programs can help transfer information from the applicant’s resume onto the company’s employee system in a way that’s both seamless and error-free.This reduces the amount of post-hiring admin that’s required and allows for an easier transition for the candidate who can jump right into the training phase of the job.

5. Easily accessible information and workplace insights One of the biggest benefits of making use of an ATS is that you can access all the information stored in the database online.Information on applicant tracking systems is stored in the cloud which means you can log in and access whatever information you need anytime, anywhere.

Aside from that, and in the same way that programs like Analytics provide insights on web traffic and referrals, AT systems provides valuable insight and feedback on the recruitment process and can assist in making whatever adjustments are needed going forward.

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